SB 575 – Pharmacists Improve Public Health Needs

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Jim Burgin (R-Harnett, Johnston, Lee); Sen. Joyce Krawiec (R-Davie, Forsyth); Sen. Jim Perry (R-Lenoir, Wayne)


This bill:

  • Adds immunizing pharmacists and clinical pharmacist practitioners to the categories of individuals who can prescribe an opioid antagonist in certain specified situations.
  • Allows an immunizing pharmacist to administer vaccinations approved by the FDA in accordance with the protocols established by the advisory committee on immunization practices to individuals at least six years of age pursuant to a specific prescription order initiated by a prescriber following a physical examination of the patient by the prescriber.
  • Allows immunizing pharmacists and clinical pharmacist practitioners to prescribe and dispense certain specified medications including Naloxone, tobacco cessation medications, epinephrine, glucagon, short-acting bronchodilators, hormonal contraceptives, prenatal vitamins, controlled substances for the prevention of HIV, dietary fluoride supplements, and prescription medications not requiring a diagnosis that are recommended by the CDC for individuals traveling outside the United States.
  • Requires immunizing pharmacists to maintain a record of any vaccine, immunization, or medication administered to the patient, notify the patient’s primary care provider within 72 hours of the administration, furnish patient records to the patient or the primary care provider upon request, and to provide counseling to the patient in certain circumstances.
  • Requires immunizing pharmacists and clinical pharmacist practitioners who prescribe and dispense certain medication to comply with specified conditions and rules adopted by the Medical Board and the Board of Pharmacy.
  • Requires the Medical Board and the Board of Pharmacy Joint Subcommittee to develop certain specified statewide written protocols.


Filed – 4/6/2021