SB 471 – Increase Veterans Access to Health Care

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Kirk deViere (D-Cumberland); Sen. Sarah Crawford (D-Franklin, Wake); Sen. Don Davis (D-Greene, Pitt)



This bill states the General Assembly’s intent to expand Medicaid eligibility to NC veterans who (1) have a modified adjusted gross income that is below 100% of the federal poverty level, (2) are between the age of 19 and 65, (3) are not entitled to or enrolled in Medicare benefits under Part A or Part B of Title XVIII of the federal Social Security Act, and (4) are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid coverage under the NC Medicaid State Plan.

This bill also states the General Assembly’s intent to fund the costs associated with this Medicaid expansion entirely from the General Fund, an increase in assessments on hospitals, and/or a tax of prepaid health plan premiums and an assessment on managed care organizations operating in the State.


Filed – 4/1/2021