SB 460 – Establish PFAS Task Force/Additional Measures

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Kirk deViere (D-Cumberland); Sen. Natalie Murdock (D-Durham); Sen. Julie Mayfield (D-Buncombe)


This bill requires the Department of Environmental Quality to establish the PFAS Task Force.

This bill states that the Task Force must:

  • Perform a comprehensive scientific identification and analysis of all PFAS, including GenX compounds, and other chemical contaminant of interest found in ground and surface waters, private wells, air, soil, dust, food, and locally produced garden and farm products within the Lower Cape Fear River Basin.
  • Identify all public and private parties responsible for the discharge or emissions of such contaminants.
  • Develop/implement a Biomonitoring Study Program.
  • Consult with other identified research entities to minimize redundancy of efforts.
  • Formulate a maximum allowable standard for all PFAS.


Filed – 4/1/2021