SB 380 – Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Jim Perry (R-Lenoir, Wayne); Sen. Kirk deViere (D-Cumberland); Sen. Joyce Krawiec (R-Davie, Forsyth)



This bill enacts new Article 1M, Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. This bill also:

  • States that the purpose of the Compact is to strengthen access to health care, develop a comprehensive process that complements the existing licensing and regulatory authority of state medical boards, and to provide a streamlined process to allow physicians to become licensed in multiple states, thereby enhancing the portability of a medical license and ensuring patient safety.
  • Sets out a series of defined terms.
  • Establishes eligibility requirements for physicians seeking licensure through the Compact.
  • Establishes application procedures for a physician seeking licensure through the Compact.
  • Establishes the renewal process for a physician seeking to renew licensure through the Compact.
  • Establishes the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission as a joint public agency created by member states and provides details regarding Commission membership, voting, meetings, powers and duties, executive committee, and recordkeeping.
  • Provides for Commission rulemaking procedures.
  • Provides dispute resolution procedures between member states and Compact enforcement.
  • Requires the Commission to establish a coordinated database and reporting system containing licensure, adverse, action, and investigative information on all licensed individuals and applicants in member states.
  • Establishes procedures for disciplinary actions and deems any disciplinary action taken by any member board against a physician licensed through the Compact to be unprofessional conduct subject to disciple by other boards in addition to violation of the medical practice act or regulations in the state.
  • Requires licensure status following disciplinary action to be automatically mirrored by member states who have issued licenses to the physician with each member state maintaining individual reinstatement procedures following reinstatement of the principle state of licensure.


Filed – 3/29/2021