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Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention, Reporting, Surveillance and Treatment

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports practicing physicians in North Carolina taking a collaborative role with helping to prevent sexually transmitted disease and with providing adequate community resources for case-finding and treatment of sexually transmitted disease, and be it further

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society encourages the cooperation of physicians with prevention, reporting, and surveillance of sexually transmitted disease.

(Report E-1973, adopted 5/22/1973)
(reaffirmed, Report D-1986, Item 15, adopted 5/3/1986)
(revised, Report Y-1996, Item 3, adopted 11/17/1996)
(revised, Report L1-2004, Item 65, adopted 11/14/2004)
(revised, Report J-2010, Item 3-10, adopted 10/24/2010) (reaffirmed, NCMS Policy Review 2015 Report, Item 37, adopted 10/24/2015)