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Medical Care of Prisoners

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society and its component societies support authorities in developing a plan for medical care of prisoners in local confinement facilities and obtaining the services of licensed physicians specifically responsible for medical services for prisoners required by law under GS 130-97 and GS 130-121, with physicians providing these services being compensated fairly.

(Report S-1971, adopted 5/18/71) (revised, Report II-1988, Item 35, adopted 5/7/88) (revised, Report MM-1998, Item 7, adopted 11/15/98) (revised, Report L1-2004, Item 66, adopted 11/14/2004) (revised, Report J-2010, Item 3-24, adopted 10/24/2010) (reaffirmed, NCMS Policy Review 2015 Report, Item 32, adopted 10/24/2015)