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Emergency Medical Services

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports the concept of the development of emergency medical services in the State of North Carolina and training of emergency response personnel with (a) the development of minimum level statewide training criteria and evaluation with certification; (b) the development of minimum level standards for emergency response vehicles; (c) the development of an integrated statewide communication program; (d) a categorization of hospitals to assist in identifying area resources and ultimately to assist in coordinating emergency medical care delivery; (e) the development of specialized training programs for such personnel and (f) the coordination and encouragement of efficient, dependable, and safe air emergency response transportation wherever appropriate through the state; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports implementation of the statewide program of emergency medical care by the Office of Emergency Medical Services.

(Report B-1975, adopted 5/3/75)
(revised, Report T-1987, Item 1, adopted 5/2/87)
(amended, Report OO-1997, Item 9, adopted 11/16/97)
(revised, Report L3-2004, Item 12, adopted 11/14/2004)
(reaffirmed, Report I-2009, Item 2-72, adopted 11/01/2009) (reaffirmed, NCMS Policy Review 2015 Report, Item 42, adopted 10/24/2015)