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Data Collection and Dissemination

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports data collection and dissemination for the purpose of education of physicians, of providers, and in selected circumstances, patients. Such support shall incorporate the following principles: (1) protection of privacy and confidentiality, (2) appropriate consent obtained for the process, (3) careful attention to data collection and analysis methodologies in order to avoid misinterpretation and to insure fairness, and (4) due process to allow physicians reasonable opportunity to review their own data in relationship to the standard against which they are being compared.

(Report M-1987, adopted 5/2/87)
(amended, Report OO-1997, Item 32, adopted 11/16/97)
(revised, Report L2-2004, Item 30, adopted 11/14/2004)
(reaffirmed, Report I-2009, Item 2-17, adopted 11/01/2009) (reaffirmed, Reaffirmation Report-2014, Item 36, adopted 10/25/2014)