Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

You can do anything here. So don’t worry about it. The only prerequisite is that it makes you happy. If it makes you happy then it’s good. There we go. This painting comes right out of your heart.

You can get away with a lot. It’s important to me that you’re happy. We have no limits to our world. We’re only limited by our imagination. You can do anything here – the only pre-requisite is that it makes you happy. Work that paint.

Absolutely no pressure. You are just a whisper floating across a mountain. The only thing worse than yellow snow is green snow. Pretend you’re water. Just floating without any effort. Having a good day. Little short strokes. Just think about these things in your mind – then bring them into your world. Isn’t that fantastic? You can just push a little tree out of your brush like that.