HB 868 – Telehealth Licensure Reciprocity

Primary House Sponsors: Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Forsyth); Rep. Larry Potts (R-Davidson); Rep. Wayne Sasser (R-Cabarrus, Rowan, Stanly); Rep. Kristin Baker, MD (R-Cabarrus)



This bill permits the NC Medical Board to issue a license to practice medicine through telehealth services to an applicant who satisfies all of the following requirements: (1) holds a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in another state; (2) registers with the Board through a application form prescribed by the Board; (3) does not have any current or pending disciplinary action against the applicant’s license; (4) has not been the subject of disciplinary action relating to the applicant’s licensure to practice medicine during the five-year period preceding the application’s submission; (5) designates a duly appointed registered agent for service of process in NC; (6) maintains professional liability coverage or financial responsibility which includes coverage for telehealth services provided to patients not located in the provider’s home state in an amount equal to or greater than the requirements for an individual licensed to practice in NC; (7) does not have an office in NC and does not currently provide in-person health care services to patients located in NC; (8) practices medicine in a manner consistent with the applicant’s scope of practice and the prevailing professional standard of care for a health care professional who provides in-person health care services to patients in NC.


This bill also specifies other requirements for telehealth services licensees, including documentation and patient history requirements.


This bill exempts a person licensed to practice medicine in another state who provides telehealth services to a patient located in NC in response to an emergency medical condition of the patient or in consultation with a health care professional licensed in NC who has supervisory and ultimate authority over the diagnosis and health care of the patient.



Filed – 5/4/2021