Today is World AIDS Day.  It is a day for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness.

Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day.  Despite only being identified in 1984, more than 35 million people have died of HIV or AIDS related illnesses, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history.

Globally, more than 40 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the start of the pandemic.  Here in the US, according to,  about 1.2 million Americans currently have HIV and more than 700,000 have died from the virus.

In North Carolina the latest statistics show that nearly 35,000 people are living with HIV.

Today you can show your support for them at events across the state.  Here are a few:

There are several other events planned across the state throughout the weekend.  Please click here for more opportunities.