Will Americans Avoid A Winter COVID-19 Surge?

A new report on Fall COVID-19 booster shots says thousands of lives will be saved this winter.  With that, billions of dollars  will also be saved by the American public.  The catch?  It will only happen if people get the booster.  Without the extra shot, the nation could see 1,000 COVID-19 deaths per day this winter.

The Commonwealth Fund published a report Wednesday, stating there are now about 400 COVID-19 deaths per day in the United States.  Researchers found that if the uptake of Covid-19 boosters this fall is similar to the uptake of 2020-21 flu vaccinations, it would prevent more than 75,000 deaths and more than 745,000 hospitalizations and generate medical cost savings of $44 billion by the end of March, compared with the baseline scenario.

If boosters stay at their current pace, America could see a winter surge in cases and deaths, further burdening hospitals.

The full report is available here.