Members continue to report trouble getting through to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) to receive pre-certification or pre-authorization of services for their patients. Below are the numbers BCBS previously provided us to help our members speed the process with minimal time on the phone.
For Utilization Management/PreCert/Authorizations – please use this number 800-672-7897.
For emergent eligibility verification issues:

  1. If the patient is in the office and you are unable to verify eligibility for an immediate, urgent/emergent service or appointment via Blue eSM or the toll-free provider line (800-214-4844), before turning the patient away, you may call 919-765-4035 for assistance.  If voicemail picks up on this line, please leave a contact name and a contact number for the office. Please Note: this will not include detailed benefit information only to verify ELIGIBLITY
  2. If you are verifying eligibility for future appointments, please attempt to utilize Blue eSM or the 800 eligibility line.