The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) is pleased to announce TetraSoft Inc. has become a new bronze level vendor in the NCMS Marketplace of services to benefit our members.
TetraSoft Inc offers NCMS members IT Consulting, Outsourcing, Testing, Product Development and Maintenance services.  These services include unique patented ICD-10 Tool capabilities, which are leveraged in our billing and “Revenue Neutral” tools.  The objectives of our ICD-10 tools are to monitor and report that providers are paid in a “Revenue Neutral” amount for the same services they performed, whether billed in ICD-9 format or the new ICD-10 format.  These services and tools are uniquely developed and affordable for providers of all sizes.  For more information on TertraSoft’s ICD-10 Tools and applications please contact Sunita Eyunni at [email protected].
This is just the latest addition to NCMS’ Marketplace, which provides a comprehensive listing of vendors offering services in areas of most use to you and your practice. The website provides an easily navigated, tiered vendor system for easy comparison as well as the ability to search by specialty.
We hope you take advantage of this valuable member benefit.
Watch the Bulletin and visit the site often as new vendors will be added frequently.