SB 118 – Modernization of Drug Court Program

Primary Senate Sponsors: Sen. Danny Britt, Jr. (R-Columbus, Robeson); Sen. Kevin Corbin (R-Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain)


This bill makes several changes to the North Carolina Drug Treatment Court Act, including the following modifications:

  • Changes the title of the Act to the Judicially Managed Accountability and Recovery Court Act.
  • Replaces references to “drug abuse” to “substance abuse” throughout the Act.
  • Replaces references to “drug treatment courts” to “judicially managed accountability and recovery courts” throughout the Act.
  • Adds the program goal of reducing the mental, behavioral, or medical health-related court workload.
  • Adds to the categories of persons who can serve on judicially managed accountability and recovery court committees.


Filed – 2/18/2021