As a North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) member you may nominate an individual to serve as an NCMS officer or board member under the new governance system adopted by the House of Delegates at last year’s Annual Meeting. Please use this nomination form and submit it by July 20 for consideration by the NCMS Nominating and Leadership Development Committee. The Committee has already published the initial slate of nominees for officer and board positions listed below. For questions on the nominating process, contact Abbey Ruggiero or 919-833-3836.
The following slate of nominees was selected by the committee:

  • President-elect: John L. Reynolds, MD
  • Board of Directors, Region 2: Jeffrey W. Runge, MD
  • Board of Directors, At-Large: Brian S. Kuszyk, MD

AMA Delegates:

  • John R. Mangum, MD
  • William E. Bowman, MD
  • Darlyne Menscer, MD

AMA Alternate Delegates:

  • Hadley Callaway, MD
  • Liana Puscas, MD

The committee will reconvene to consider any additional nominees and publish the final slate of candidates on Aug. 28. Under the NCMS’ new governance structure, online voting for the candidates will begin on Sept. 4 and continue until midnight on Sept. 16, the day before the NCMS annual business meeting. Paper ballots also will be available to those who need them.
The new officers, board members and AMA delegates will be announced and installed at the business meeting on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 17 at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro. For more information about attending the business meeting, which is free of cost, as well as the historic Merging Medicine and Management M3 conference taking place at the Grandover from Sept. 15-18, visit the M3 Conference website.