North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) CEO Robert W. Seligson met last week with Nicholas Uehlecke, the Chief of Staff for the House Ways and Means Committee to discuss the evolving RAC audit legislation. The NCMS, through Representative George Holding (R-NC), had pushed to sponsor a bill to amend the law pertaining to RAC audits in response to member concerns and their firsthand experiences with inequities in the RAC audit process.
Uehlecke was very open and accommodating to NCMS concerns, and asked that we continue to provide examples of unfair RAC audits. He is working closely with the House Ways and Means Committee and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to craft appropriate language to address unfairness in the process.
If you have participated in an audit that you felt was handled unfairly or inappropriately, please contact the NCMS immediately at [email protected] or calling 919-833-3836 x142.  Thank you for your support in this effort!