HCLM Program Description and Requirements

During the past decade, there has been much focus on clinician leadership and in light of the changing landscape of health care, this emphasis is more prominent than ever. More and more clinicians see the need for developing literacy in skills beyond their medical training; skills that involve managing systems, strategic planning and effectuating institutional change.

What the program offers:

  • Provides a critical framework based on economics, finance and leadership development;
  • An in-depth opportunity to better understand yourself and others in order to work more effectively with others and foster change;
  • Leadership and management tools and strategies that will help you progress to the next level in your career.

Interested in learning more about HCLM, please contact Erica Neal, [email protected].

Get a better sense of what the program entails by taking a look at the 2021 cohort’s sessions below.

The Health Care Leadership and Management scholars are expected to attend 75% of sessions in order to graduate.

Program duration is a one-year program consisting of four in-person sessions as well as on-site visits to a local health organization in the area of the meeting.

Contact Erica Neal at [email protected] for more information about the next cohort.

  • Completed applications and nomination forms are due no later than September 1st, annually.*
  • Selected participants and nominating organization will be notified via an acceptance letter no later than 30 days prior to start of program.
  • Each application will be reviewed by the North Carolina Medical Society’s designees.
  • Nominees not selected for the current HCLM year may be re-nominated the following year.
  • The HCLM class will consist of 15 participants. Minimum of 15 students required per cohort.

HCLM is a project-based program, allowing scholars to put their learning throughout the course into practice. Projects will be assigned during the program. Scholars will work in teams on their projects. A presentation will be required at the end of course as part of the graduation.

Endorsement. The nominee must have the endorsement of one of six nominating organizations:

  1. Any NC county medical society
  2. Any NC specialty society
  3. Hospital
  4. Medical Practice
  5. Health Care Organization
  6. NC Medical Society
  • The nominating organization will complete the Nominating Organization Form (Step 4).
  • The nominee must agree to attend ALL designated meeting and activities of the NCMS Health Care Leadership and Management (see Program Schedule section above). Lack of attendance will make the scholar ineligible for graduation.
  • Each scholar is require to complete a team-based project (see Project Requirement section above).
  • Each participant is expected to regularly communicate with their endorsing organization to continue defining their future leadership role.

Tuition Costs. Our NCMS members will be given a discounted rate at $4,900. The non-member rate is $9,800 (the actual cost of the program). If you are a resident, you qualify for an additional discount.

*Please note that the tuition costs do not include travel, hotel and some food.

If you are currently enrolled in, or have been, the CPP-program, a full scholarship is available. Please contact Franklin Walker at [email protected] if you would like to apply.