The Physicians Foundation’s recent national physician survey showed 50 percent of respondents thought the transition to ICD-10 would create a severe administrative problem, while 75 percent agreed it will unnecessarily complicate the coding process. With that in mind, The Physicians Foundation, which was founded in 2003 by a group of medical societies including the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) as the result of a class-action lawsuit against private third-party payers, wanted to make you aware of a free resource designed to help your practice make this daunting transition.  was developed by a medical student, Parth Desai, who saw the need for such a resource while working in his father’s medical practice.  Below is Parth’s description of ICD-10 Charts.
My name is Parth Desai, I am a first year medical student at Mercer University, and founder of  I’d like to invite you to try our revolutionary new system that allows any medical practice in America to be full-prepared for ICD-10, using interactive tools specially designed with practicing physicians in mind.  ICD-10 Charts is a collection of innovative ICD-10 training resources that can help streamline your entire ICD-10 implementation process and save your practice a considerable amount of time and money during this transition.  All of our ICD-10 training resources were created purely to support hard-working physicians and will always be completely free and accessible to anyone.
Click here to watch a short informational video detailing how the site works. 
The Physicians Foundation, in its continuing efforts to offer its member organizations like the NCMS useful resources and information, is not responsible or liable for the consequences of any use of ICD-10 Charts.