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Formation of Liaison Committee Between Local Medical Societies and Local Health Departments

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports formation of liaison committees between local medical societies and local health departments to address issues and mutual concerns involving public health activities and private and academic practice, and medical education.

(Resolution 6-1981, adopted 5/9/1981)
(amended, Report KK-1991, Item 7, adopted 11/9/1991)
(revised, Report U-2001, Item 39, adopted 11/11/2001)
(revised, Report R-2007, Item 3-22, adopted 10/21/2007)
(reaffirmed, Reaffirmation Report-2013, Item 29, adopted 10/26/2013)
(reaffirmed, Board Report-2018, Item 107, adopted 11/3/2018)