The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) has been monitoring and working closely with the state as the new state entity, the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority, takes over operation of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) from Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC).
The first step in this transition process is for all current users to sign a new Participation Agreement and return it to the NC HIEA by Friday, Feb. 19. To get a copy of the agreement, contact the HIEA at (919) 754-6912 or [email protected].
Submitting the new Participation Agreement means that your data will come straight to the State infrastructure at no cost to your organization starting March 1. If you do not complete and submit the new agreement by Feb. 19, your connection to the HIE Network may not occur by March 1.
The other step in this transfer process involves changes to your current connectivity configuration. To facilitate the transition the State and its contractor, SAS Institute, will have technical resources available to you upon receipt of a fully executed Participation Agreement with the NC HIEA. The conversion to the new model will also be free of charge.
You should have received this information via email and in a letter dated Feb. 5 from the newly appointed NC HIEA Director Kelly Fuller. Read the letter here. Visit the HIEA website for more information on the transition, FAQs and updates. If you have any questions, please contact the HIEA at (919) 754-6912 or [email protected].