The NCMS Plan continues to successfully infuse healthful habits into the culture of NCMS Plan practices through a variety of resources. This helpful article, “Often Ignored: Healthcare Employees’ Well-Being,”  highlights the special opportunities and challenges that come with empowering those involved in the health care system to move more, eat mindfully and maintain a high quality of life.
A few noteworthy highlights:

  • Health care workers are notorious for neglecting their own care and not taking time for their own well-being.
  • Health care workers must be able to lead patients by example.
  • Staff well-being drives significant organizational outcomes.
  • Helping employees thrive in all elements of well-being is key.
  • A “care for the health care worker” approach is essential within health care organizations to give workers the energy, focus and adaptability they need to come to work ready to be their best every day.
  • Health care workers with high well-being are more likely to be resilient and recover quickly from stress, important qualities to possess when overseeing the lives and welfare of others.
  • Medical professionals who are thriving in three or more elements are also two times less likely to look for a new job than their counterparts with lower well-being. Both of these findings are significant, because attendance and retention are crucial components of proper patient care, patient satisfaction, correct staffing coverage and reduced expenses.

To learn more about how to encourage a healthy lifestyle, be sure to attend “Mastering the Art of Behavior Change” at the NCMS Annual Meeting on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 at 1 p.m. The NCMS Plan and Medical Mutual are sponsoring the session, which features Laura Putnam, the author of “Workplace Wellness That Works” and CEO of Motion Infusion, a well-being training and consulting firm that provides creative solutions in the areas of engagement, behavior change, human performance, and building healthier, happier and more innovative organizations.