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NCMS Morning Rounds of the week.

  March 6, 2020

Results of NCMS Sunday Survey #1 — Access to Care

Thank you to everyone who responded to our first in the series of five NCMS Sunday Surveys. Last Sunday’s survey examined what you see as our top legislative priority in achieving increased access to affordable health care.

Slightly more than 50 percent of the 172 respondents said ‘increasing affordable coverage options for families earning less than $50,000/year’ should be our number one priority. About 20 percent of respondents thought ‘advocating for employer tax credits to provide comprehensive, low-deductible health plans for employees,’ should be our top priority.

We also appreciate the thoughtful responses people wrote in open comment section. Some reinforced the priority that was selected. Some pointed us at other strategies that our members want us to discuss. All of this information will be factored into the NCMS Legislative Cabinet’s discussions.

Here is a graphic with the complete results:

The Legislative Cabinet will use the results of these surveys as they consider our advocacy priorities for the coming legislative session. Your input is crucial, so please watch your email Sunday afternoon and take just a minute to ponder and answer the one question. You will have until Thursday to respond with the results being published in next Friday’s NCMS Morning Rounds.

This Sunday the topic will be ‘payer improvements’ focusing on your interactions with the various types of public and private health insurance plans and what you see as the top priority for our advocacy efforts in making improvements in this area.

Keeping Up with Covid-19

As you may be aware, Governor Roy Cooper announced on Tuesday a presumptive positive case of Covid-19. The announcement represents an isolated case, and Covid-19 currently is not widespread in North Carolina.

The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has been working in partnership with federal, state and local agencies and with Governor Cooper’s Covid-19 Task Force to prepare North Carolina for a possible Covid-19 outbreak.

Here is information from NCDHHS on COVID-19:

All North Carolinians are encouraged to visit for reliable, up-to-date information.
Included on this page is helpful information for:
Individuals, families and communities.
Businesses and employers.
Health care professionals.
Colleges, schools and child care providers.
Long-term care facilities.

There is also information about what we all can do to combat fear and anxiety about Covid-19. NCDHHS officials ask that everyone prepares for Covid-19 by getting the latest information directly from reliable sources.

Kudos to Lynne Fiscus, MD, MPH

Congratulations to NCMS member Lynne Fiscus, MD, MPH on being named President and CEO of the UNC Physicians Network (UNCPN). Most recently, Dr. Fiscus served as UNCPN’s Chief Medical Officer as well as a practicing primary care physician at North Chatham Pediatrics & Internal Medicine. Prior to that role she was UNCPN’s Chief Value Officer and Executive Medical Director.

Dr. Fiscus currently is a member of the NCMS’ Policy Committee. She has also been a practice transformation consultant for the American Medical Association and is involved in developing, implementing, and researching solutions to physician burnout.

Kudos, Dr. Fiscus!

In the News

Male and Female Physician Suicidality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, JAMANetwork, 3-4-20

Learning Opportunity

The Prison Care Project: Understanding the Medical Learner’s Journey through the Correctional Health Complex, a panel discussion presented by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and Academy of Educators will be held April 2 from 5 to 6:15 p.m. at UNC-Chapel Hill. Learn more and register.