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October 25, 2021

NCMS Legislative Update

There’s not much to report from the legislature this week. We’re still in the negotiation process between the House, Senate, and Governor Cooper on a final budget product. Stay tuned to the website and your NCMS Morning Rounds for updates.

Tune in to listen as Sue Ann Forrest, MPA, shares an important announcement.

Reminder – Updating North Carolina Medical Board Licenses

NCTracks receives North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) provider license information directly from NCMB. NCTracks receives this updated file from NCMB once a month (by the 15th) for the previous month.

When the monthly NCMB file is received, NCTracks automatically updates the expiration dates in the provider record. If you receive a letter that you need to update your NCMB license, make sure it is updated with NCMB and that NCTracks has the correct license number on file. Occasionally, there is a time gap between NCTracks receiving NCMB data with updated expiration dates and providers’ licenses expiring and an update being required to prevent suspension.

As of May 9, 2021, providers have the ability to enter or correct the expiration date on file for their NCMB license if NCTracks has not yet received the NCMB data to update the license. Providers are able to enter the expiration date themselves to prevent suspension or termination due to expired credentials. This information will still be validated with NCMB once the file is received, but will prevent suspension for expired credentials if the NCMB file is not received in the appropriate timeline for license expiration. Providers are encouraged to ensure their record expiration date is updated to prevent suspension.

For more information, please see the North Carolina Medical Board Licenses section (page 15) of the user guide How to Add or Update Licensing and Accreditation on the Provider Profile in NCTracks (PDF) located on the User Guides & Fact Sheets page.

National Diabetes Prevention Program Community of Practice 

This peer-led series will explore promising practices for health centers implementing or interested in implementing the National Diabetes Prevention Program. The webinar series will be hosted by the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium and the Health Promotion Council, and will be structured to allow for health center showcases, resource sharing, Q+A with brief didactic portions, and facilitated panel discussions. Participants will dictate webinar topics through interactive use of polls and webinar chat messaging. Additional sessions will be scheduled based on participant interest. Health center participants will leave the series with tools and inspiration for further building out their programs.

Learn more and register here.

In the News

CDC Panel Endorses Mix-and-Match Boosters, STAT, 10-21-21

Learning Opportunity 

Diabetes in Special and Vulnerable Populations: A National Learning Series

These webinar sessions take place from 2:00-3:15 p.m. ET on the following dates:

Developing Patient-Centered Resources for Diabetes Care

Wednesday, October 27

Improving Diabetes Care and Health Equity in a Changing Healthcare Landscape

Wednesday, November 3

Addressing Diabetes Management During a Disaster (in SPANISH)

Wednesday, November 10

Learn more and register here.


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