lifeline-lgThe North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) is pleased to announce Life Line Community Healthcare is a bronze level partner as part of our Marketplace of products and services to benefit our members.
Life Line Community Healthcare offers NCMS member health systems, ACOs, IPAs, and physician practices a suite of Provider Support Services. These services equip our partners with an added value to help fulfill the care management and reporting obligations, which would otherwise be too burdensome. These services include but are not limited to: annual wellness visits, Medicare Advantage HRA’s, and chronic care management. Our Provider Support Services harness the annual wellness visit (AWV) and Medicare Advantage (MA) HRA as gateway opportunities to accelerate achievement of long-term goals and improved patient outcomes. Starting with AWV and MA HRA utilization and following up with a solid chronic care management program, you can decrease your spend on the back end, reduce hospital admissions, and long-term care costs.
Life Line Community Healthcare is just the latest addition to NCMS’ Marketplace, which provides a comprehensive listing of partners offering services in areas of most use to you and your practice. The website provides an easily navigated, tiered partner system for easy comparison as well as the ability to search by specialty.
We hope you take advantage of this valuable member benefit.
Watch the Bulletin and visit the Marketplace site often as new vendors are added frequently.