Two North Carolina Medical Society physicians recently were honored by their specialty societies for their distinguished work.

Dr. Michael Brennan
Dr. Michael Brennan

At the American Academy of Ophthalmologists meeting in November, Michael Brennan, MD, was recognized as a role model for young ophthalmologists with the 2015 EnergEYES award, given to a senior ophthalmologist who “mentors young ophthalmologists, serves as a strong role model, and displays high energy that motivates them to get involved.” This is the first time that a North Carolinian has received the EnergEYES award.
dr bruch
Dr. Richard Bruch

At the annual meeting of the North Carolina Orthopedic Association in October, Richard Bruch, MD, received the Honored Surgeon award, which recognizes orthopedic surgeons who promote high standards of orthopedic care and have a dedication to quality patient care and the medical profession.
Congratulations Drs. Brennan and Bruch!