NCMS Retreat held at Beaufort Hotel

The NCMS Board of Directors, NCMS Foundation Board of Trustees, and NCMS Leadership Team all met in Beaufort for a spring retreat and workshop.  From Wednesday through Sunday, all three teams worked together and in breakout groups to discuss strategic planning, messaging, membership, CPP 2.0, and the upcoming LEAD Conference and Golden Stethoscope Awards Gala.

For five days the people listed below talked about where the North Carolina Medical Society stands today and looked ahead at the future.  It was much work, but also time to learn more about one another and develop leadership skills.  At the same time there was the Leadership College May Retreat with several facilitators and speakers.

Board of Directors member Dr. Ronnie Laney, Jr. says of the retreat;  “I want to say that I had a blast this weekend. A lot of work. A little play. I am both humbled and honored to work with such an amazing group of people. Shout out to the NCMS team. Amazing group of people!”

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NCMS Board of Directors attendees:

  • Eileen Raynor, MD, FACS, FAAP – President-Elect
  • Michael Utecht, MD, FACEP – Immediate Past President
  • John Meier, IV, MD, MBA – Secretary-Treasurer
  • Claude Jarrett, MD – Region 1 Representative
  • Charul Haugan, MD, FACEP – Region 2 Representative
  • Karen Smith, MD, FAAFP – Region 3 Representative
  • Bill Ferrell, MD – At-Large Member
  • Jugta Kahai, MD, FAAP – At-Large Member
  • Ronnie Laney, Jr., MD, MPH – At-Large Member
  • Bryant Murphy, MD, MBA – At-Large Member
  • Carl Westcott, MD – At-Large Member

NCMS Foundation Board of Trustees attendees:

  • Andrew Lamb, MD – President
  • Timothy Reeder, MD, MPH, FACEP – President-Elect
  • Pascal Udekwu, MD – Treasurer
  • Mark Carruth, MD – Trustee
  • Emily Cole, PA-C – Trustee
  • Leland Garrett, Jr., MD – Trustee
  • Cynthia Gary, MPH, PA-C – Trustee
  • Lacy Hobgood, MD, FACP, FAAP – Trustee
  • Lyndon Jordan, III, MD – Trustee

Leadership Team attendees:

  • Randy Aldridge
  • Chip Baggett
  • Larry Crawford
  • Pam Highsmith
  • Michelle Laws
  • Tina Natt och Dag
  • Ashley Newton
  • Ashley Rodriguez
  • Shawn Scott
  • Evan Simmons
  • Alan Skipper
  • Franklin Walker

(Some members are on multiple boards)

Leadership College Retreat attendees:

  • Jacqueline Njapa, MD
  • Michalina Kupsik, MD 
  • Christine Khandelwal, DO
  • Katie Lowry, MD
  • Leslie Suchar, PA-C
  • Juliana Wulforst, PA-C
  • Jennifer Kipp, DPM
  • Susie Fitzgerald, DO
  • Carla Holder, MD
  • Randall Schisler, MD

Leadership College Retreat facilitators and speakers:

  • Gerri Mattson, MD
  • Larry Greenblatt, MD
  • Kristina Natt och Dag, PhD
  • Erica Hall
  • Valonda Calloway
  • Janet Kennedy