On April 27th, NCMS hosted a SAVE Act and Prior Authorization White Coat Day. There were 15 physicians, PAs, and residents in attendance, and they met with a variety of North Carolina Representatives and Senators.

One attendee was NCMS Board Member and Durham-Orange County Medical Society President, Ronnie Laney, MD, MPH. Here’s what he had to say about the day:

“My recent experience with the NCMS White Coat Day continued my passion in the fight for our patients, who seem to continue to lose access to quality, affordable, and timely healthcare. This burden, because of the “wrong forces” leading the charge, has now become the plight of physicians. The problems, stress, poor outcomes continue to trickle downward to the very foundation of medicine: doctors and patients. This is why I got involved, and remain involved as a healthcare advocate. While I love what I do in that exam room, and the one-on-one relationship, I find passion in fighting for my patients, and colleagues, outside of the exam room. As a participant of White Coat Days recently in Raleigh, I immediately appreciated the fact that our very busy legislators took the time to meet with us, and listen to us. They continued to inform us of the power of our voices, no matter what side of the issue they supported. As advocates, we can do a lot to engage, and get the message out there, in front of our colleagues, our healthcare institutions, and our legislators. There continues to be a lot of work done behind the scenes, but there is a lot we can do in front of the camera as well.”