The NCGA COVID-19 State Operations Committee met on April 14, 2020.

The Committee discussed potential legislative action on a variety of subjects.

NCMS is following these items:

  • Advanced Health Care Directives
    • The proposal by the Secretary of State would allow an emergency special provision to allow a notary OR two witnesses to sign these documents. Current law requires a notary AND two witnesses.
  • Incompetency and Adult Guardianship
    • The School of Government proposed allowing another type of service if sheriffs are unable to go into a facility to serve copies of the petition.
    • The School of Government proposed allowing appointment of an interim guardian via video conference.
  • Communicable Disease Information
    • The School of Government proposed aligning state law with HIPPA to allow disclosures to law enforcement that are necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat.
  • Business Registration
    • The Secretary of State proposed waiving fees for businesses that are dealing with economic downturn.
  • Involuntary Commitment
    • The School of Government proposed expediting the training process for transporting involuntary commitment patients, and allowing telemedicine for the second IVC examination.
  • Regulatory Relief
    • The Committee Co-chairs proposed authorizing or requiring state agencies to waive, delay, or modify any educational or examination requirements.
  • State Health Plan Payment Deadlines
    • The NC Treasurer’s Office, proposed allowing time-limited flexibility around payment deadlines to extend the due date to help ensure patients are not kicked off the plan due to non-payment.


View the full list here.