RALEIGH — North Carolina reported 326 suspected opioid overdoses in June compared to 288 in June 2021.  Suspected overdose deaths are up 9% between this January and June compared to the same period last year.  The numbers have families looking at how millions in national opioid settlement funding will be spent.

The News & Observer reports that Johnston County will get more than $8 million dollars over the next 16 years.  To help devise a spending plan, it’s bringing together addicts, their loved ones, and others to the table.

It is the same story across the state.  Attorney General Josh Stein says the state will receive nearly $20 million to fight the growing opioid crisis.  How that money is spent is now being decided and non-elected officials are calling for more treatment and rehab programs.  Faith-based groups are looking at housing and vocational options.  It all comes with a lot of paperwork and takes a lot of time.

The full story is available by clicking here.

The North Carolina Medical Society is continuing to work with groups across the state to help end the problem.  Look for more information on our efforts in the coming weeks.