Enjoy the pool, but keep your skin safe!

RALEIGH — All summer NCMS is bringing you tips to enjoy the great Carolina outdoors.  Melanoma Mondays run weekly until Autumn with information from your fellow NCMS members.  Today it’s Dr. Shaily Bhatnagar from Family Dermatology in Apex with how to enjoy a day at the pool with beautiful skin.  Enjoy!

Shaily Bhatnagar, MD

Have fun and enjoy a day at the pool!

August is at the half-way point and there is still a lot of fun in the sun left!  For many people, time by the pool is a summer ritual. Dr. Shaily Bhatnagar has three pieces of advice to keep your skin looking great while you are having fun.

  1.  Pay attention to the time!  Avoid the part of day when sunlight is most intense.  That means go inside or get out of the sun between 10am and 4pm.
  2. Think about what you are wearing!  Wear sun protective clothing such as rash guards and UPF 50+ swimsuits.  Those will help prevent sun damage while you are in the water.
  3. Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Use SPF 50 or higher at all times.  Reapply every two hours and after each dip in the pool.  It is also a good idea to reapply often if you are sweating a lot.

Most importantly enjoy yourself, but do it safely!

Dr. Bhatnagar is available to talk skin care with you at her practice in Apex. To contact her click here.