Last week, the House passed the Physician Assistant Team Based Care Bill, HB 75. The North Carolina Medical Society was involved in crafting the legislation and is glad to see this legislation passed in the House. The bill has been filed in the Senate, but has not been heard by the Rules Committee.

The Senate has also been debating the NC Compassionate Care Act, SB 3, which would allow medical cannabis in North Carolina. The bill has passed the Finance and Judiciary committees and will head to Rules next.

Here are some other bills filed this week we are watching:

HB 150, School Contracted Health Services: Would allow local education agencies providing services related to special education to contract with private agencies or programs to provide special education services at public school.

HB 161, Protecting Properly Insured Individuals: This bill modifies the evidence that may be used to establish the amount of recoverable medical expenses for a personal injury claim.

HB 162, Living Donor Protection Act: This bill would provide leave to state employees for being a living organ donor and would provide a tax credit for all living organ donors.

HB 170/SB 145, Continuing Care Retirement Communities Act: This bill would encourage the development of continuing care retirement communities and require providers offering continuing care in the state to obtain a license and to be monitored by DOI. This would apply to nonprofit and for-profit providers.

HB 172, Sam’s Law: This bill would train students and public-school personnel on how to recognize and respond when a student is having a seizure.

HB 190, Department of Health and Human Services Revisions: This bill would make technical changes to the laws governing DHHS and allow physical therapists and dentists to be County Medical Examiners.

SB 156, Medicaid Children & Families Specialty Plan: Would expand Medicaid services to create a children and families specialty plan. children in foster care, people who are receiving adoption assistance, and former foster care youth

Read full summaries of these bills here.