InnovationInDeploymentOfLeadershipPrograms (2)The Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL) along with the UNC Physicians Network recently received a prestigious LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development) Award for “Innovation and Deployment of Leadership Programs.” The award, presented on Feb. 7 in Nashville, TN, recognizes innovation and creativity within an organization in the design and execution of a leadership program in the last 18 months.
The LEAD awards, known in the human resources community as the ‘Oscars of HR,’ celebrate organizations worldwide and showcase the ‘most effective, leading edge and esteemed leadership and development programs and individuals.’ Sharing the winners circle with the NCMS and UNCPN in the Innovation and Deployment of Leadership Programs category were corporations like Johnson & Johnson, FedEx and Southwest Airlines.
“We are proud to have our leadership development institute recognized with such an award,” said Robert W. Seligson, MA, MBA, CEO of the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Foundation, which oversees KIPL. “There is growing recognition that physician leadership is crucial in this changing health care environment to help shape the future of health care. We provide a variety of high quality leadership development courses to ensure our members have the necessary skills to be at the forefront of change.”
The LEAD awards ceremony capped two days of speakers and roundtable discussions on leadership development best practices and the importance of leadership training. On hand to make a presentation and accept the award were KIPL Director Kristina Natt och Dag, Ph.D, MA along with Venkat Prasad, MD, MBA of UNCPN.
KIPL offerings have grown and now include three distinct leadership development tracks – Leadership College, Health Care Leadership and Management and Clinical Quality University as well as customized programs like the award-winning curriculum designed specifically for UNC Physicians Network.
If your organization is interested in exploring a customized program to meet your specific leadership development needs, please contact Kristina Natt Och Dag. The Leadership College and Health Care Leadership and Management tracks also are now accepting applications for the coming year. Explore each of these tracks and apply. If you have questions please contact Erin Grover, KIPL project manager.