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During the next 24-hours, people around the world will come together to improve the human condition by supporting important causes. The NCMS Foundation’s important cause is one we suspect is near to your heart – ACCESS TO CARE. We want to be sure that ALL North Carolinians have an equal chance at healthy lives.Donate today to NCMS Foundation
Our piece of this complex goal is finding primary care MDs, PAs and NPs who are up for the challenging, yet hugely rewarding practice environment and lifestyle afforded in rural communities. With your help, we can make getting started a little easier by helping them pay off their educational debt. To make sure they are able to care for their patients long-term, we stick with them to develop financially sustainable practices that provide the highest quality care.

How does our modest $14,000 goal do all this?

With support from people like you, the Foundation is currently assisting 41 providers over 5 years.

41 PC providers + 5 years = 167,341 more patients receiving care

41 providers + 50% or more Medicaid, Medicare and Uninsured Patients = $16,705,778 in free and reduced cost care 

Help us blow this $14,000 goal out of the water and get more docs out there helping even more people who need it! GIVE TODAY!