Are you prepared to be paid based on the ‘quality’ of services you provide your patients? Do you even know what that means? If you’re unsure, and perhaps perplexed, anxious, frustrated or even a little angry about the changes taking place in our health care system, you’re not alone. That is why the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Foundation in conjunction with the North Carolina Quality Center has developed CQ’U’ (short for Clinical Quality University). CQ’U’ will help you understand exactly what this ‘move to quality’ means, and give you the necessary tools to lead and succeed in this new environment.
Last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) set new timelines and goals to move more aggressively toward a physician payment system based on the quality of services provided to patients, not the quantity. This announcement provides even more evidence of the historic changes already underway and gaining momentum in our country.

CQ’U’ can help ease the discomfort of the changes underway, and position you to take a leadership role in shaping those changes as they affect your practice.
Applications are now being accepted for CQ’U’ class of 2015. Learn more about this project-based learning model today.