North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) President Paul Cunningham, MD, sent all NCMS members a post-election video message and email outlining the impact the recent national election might have on health care issues important to you and your practice. Watch the video here.
Review the email below:
In the wake of the contentious election you can still be sure of two things:

  1. The North Carolina Medical Society remains steadfastly committed to its longstanding goals of helping our members successfully navigate toward a value-based reimbursement system; expanded health care coverage; and protecting the medical liability reforms we helped pass in 2011.
  2. We have always been a bi-partisan organization and have worked successfully on both sides of the aisle throughout our 167-year history and will continue to do so.

On specific issues there remains uncertainty in the immediate aftermath of the election, but we are focused on the following and will keep you updated throughout the transitions.

  • MACRA: The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act passed with bi-partisan support and is likely to remain. This massive piece of legislation sets out the quality payment program reimbursement model, which will determine how you are paid through Medicare. We hope you’ve started learning about how this will impact you and encourage you to begin if you haven’t started yet (we have resources on our website to help and are in the process of developing more
  • The Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare: Action to try to repeal or change this landmark legislation is likely. Experts believe the primary focus of those proposals will be on the health care insurance exchanges and state Medicaid expansion. We continue to believe some changes are necessary, but also believe the ACA has created some beneficial opportunities for physicians and their patients. We will be monitoring any legislative action closely and keeping you updated.
  • Medicaid reform: Not much is likely to change here since the North Carolina General Assembly party breakdown remains unchanged. We will continue to work to ensure the implementation of the reforms make sense for you and your patients.
  • Liability reform: We will continue to work to protect the medical liability reforms we helped pass in 2011, although our work may have become more difficult due to a shift on the state supreme court. Again, watch Director of Legislative Relations Chip Baggett’s Bowtie Briefings each Friday and the NCMS Bulletin to stay informed on any challenges to these valuable reforms.