The House Select Committee on Community Relations, Law Enforcement & Justice met on Monday, September 28, 2020.

NC Association of Chiefs of Police

The Association discussed previous association policing reforms including the following:

  • Implemented statewide non-bias based policing training (implicit bias)
  • Worked to revise the basic law enforcement program in scenario based reality training
  • Worked in bi-partisan legislators to enact the law enforcement video law
  • Re-engineered use of force tactics
  • Supported Raise the Age legislation
  • Created a Police Professionalism Work Group to present reccomendations to address concerns

The Association’s foundational principle is that the preservation of life must be at the heart of everything a law enforcment agency does.

They discussed two main goals:

  • Create a culture of trust and racial equity in communities
  • Preserve life in all use of force

The Association also discussed the goal of enhancing professionalism by creating a culture of excellence by improving policies and procedures as well as improving the wuality of the workforce.

NC Sheriff’s Association

The Sheriff’s Association created a working group on Law Enforcement Professionalism. This group discussed training, certifications, accrediation, use of force investigations, data collection, recruitment/retention, and public records.

In October there will be a report released from the Workign Group on where improvements can be made.

NC Police Benevolent Association

The NCPBA discussed some of the top areas of concern for law enforcement officers:

  • Mental health
  • Response to non-police matters/ordinance violations
  • whistleblower protections
  • NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission
  • Procedural Due Process/Uniformity
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Office Safety

Overview of Recommendations Recieved

A complete overview was provided of all of the reccomendations recieved for the committee to review thus far.

The group will meet again in October.