RALEIGH — After passing the Rules Committee Wednesday afternoon, House Bill 649, the NCMS-aided bill to modify the prior authorization, passed the House unopposed early Wednesday evening.

Now we need your help!

NCMS members are needed now, more than ever, to help make this bill become law. Telling your Senator how prior authorization has negatively impacted your patients WILL make a difference. Contact your Senator today and let them know how prior authorization harms patients in their district. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with your Senator, NCMS staff are available to assist.

Click here to read more and for a link to contact your legislator!

The speed at which the bill is moving is, in part, thanks to NCMS members who are sharing their stories of how prior authorization has adversely affected their patients.  It is a common thread among providers that prior authorization slows down critical care and causes undue burden on both the patient and their medical provider.  Many members also shared how the increased paperwork has led to increased expenses for their practice.

NCMS Chief Legal Officer Ashley Rodriguez says that “the swift movement of HB 649 is a sign that lawmakers in North Carolina take the health of their constituents very seriously and value the feedback they receive from physician and physician assistants about how to improve the prior authorization process.  We are encouraged by the strong bi-partisan support we are seeing and we know continued outreach from NCMS members will help continue the bill’s momentum.”

Look for updates on HB 649 as it moves to the Senate on all the NCMS social media channels.