Does the end of masking mean the return of respiratory viruses?

After several years of focusing on COVID-19, several other viruses are making a comeback.  A surge in illness in North Carolina is being caused by different viruses, including rhinoviruses, enteroviruses, RSV, and influenza.

State Epidemiologist Zack Moore says, “A couple of months ago, if someone had a cold, I’d tell them, ‘That’s COVID.’  That’s not the case anymore.  It’s much more of a mixed bag.”

An article in NC Health News says that the spike in respiratory illnesses is happening especially in children.  Emergency Room visits are on the rise.  StarMed, with clinics across the state are seeing spikes in patients testing positive for influenza and an administrator from Appalachian State University says significant numbers of people are testing positive for influenza A.

To some, these are another consequence of the pandemic.  Many of these viruses were a non-issue while the country was wearing masks and social distancing.  Now they are back.

Michelle Crouch and Charlotte Ledger tell the story of a mother with an infant in distress and have more on what’s happening across the state in their latest article.  To read more click here.