Join us April 24th for a discussion on enhanced reporting, published outcomes data, and remote processes

A Special Update for Regulators, Credentialing Bodies, PHPs and Others

Over the past 32 years, CPEP has worked with hundreds of regulatory agencies, healthcare systems, professional assistance programs, defense attorneys and others to evaluate the knowledge, judgement, and skills of thousands of clinicians through in-depth, personalized competence assessments.

 If you work for one of these “referring organizations” and rely on CPEP’s analysis and reporting when making decisions on licensing or privileging, then this free webinar is for you.


Enhanced Reporting, Exciting Data, New Processes

This webinar will address a number of developments of interest to CPEP stakeholders:

  • Clearer, more precise assessment reporting that assists critical decision making
  • Published, peer-reviewed data demonstrating the impact of CPEP assessments and education on improved clinician performance
  • Technology-enabled processes that reduce overall costs for participants

Making Good Use of Your Time

This session will run from noon to 1:00 EDT. While we will be directly presenting information and data, there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

Register Today

To register for this webinar, please email Bill O’Neill at [email protected]rg or call 919-297-8718.