Carolina Complete Health Network is currently seeking provider participation for its Provider Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the CCHN Provider Advisory Committee is to provide input on Carolina Complete Health (CCH) provider incentive programs, administrative practices, and supports development of provider scorecard indicators, useful analyses of the data, and effective means of helping providers improve their performance.

For this committee, the participating providers must be physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners that are particularly interested in these areas. This committee meets once per quarter for one hour.

CCHN is a subsidiary of the North Carolina Medical Society and co-founders of a first-of-its-kind partnership with Centene Corporation, the North Carolina Community Health Center Association and other providers across North Carolina. CCHN offers North Carolina practitioners a platform to improve clinical and administrative processes, as well as a unique voice in governance over medical policy. They combine the best of leading-edge national expertise with deep-rooted local knowledge of what works here in North Carolina.

Carolina Complete Health Network’s mission is to empower physicians and clinicians to provide state-of-the-art care to Medicaid beneficiaries resulting in BETTER HEALTH and GREATER HEALTH EQUITY at LOWER COST.

If interested in this opportunity, please contact Katie McKay at [email protected].