NCMS PAC Thankful Thursday!


On this Thankful Thursday, we are recognizing some of our NCMS PAC Investors! Thank you for your continued support and investment to your patients and profession. Contact Hannah Rice ([email protected]) to learn more about how you can make a difference.

Anton Manasco, MD
Edward Whitesides, MD
Katie Lowry, MD, MPH
Leta Sue C. Lamb, MD
Linda Lawrence, MD
Philip Brown Jr., MD

You Can Now Access Your NCMS Membership Card Anytime, Anywhere!

Need a New or Replacement NCMS Membership Card? You can now access it online!

Here's how (You must log in to access your card):

1. Click here to access the NCMS website

2. Hover over the "Membership" tab at the top of the page

3. Click on "My NCMS Membership Card" from the dropdown list

4. If you're not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
5. Screenshot or Print Page

That's it! You're done.

February is Black History Month!

The North Carolina Medical Society recognizes and celebrates Black History Month.


The NCMS uses the lessons of the past to shape our future. We continuously strive to become a better organization and are fully committed to ensuring ALL members are equally represented.

View a Historic account of the NCMS--Past to Present.


Curi Holdings and Constellation Sign Agreement to Merge


Curi Holdings, Inc. (Curi) and Constellation, Inc. (Constellation), two of the nation’s leading providers of medical professional liability (MPL) insurance, have signed an agreement to merge. Combined, the two organizations will build on their legacies of mutual ownership, client service, and innovation while creating a national brand that seamlessly delivers the products, services, and valued advice that healthcare providers need to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Read the full press release here.

Ready, Set, GO! for Day 2 of NCMS Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review Trivia!

It's NCMS Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review Trivia Time!


Who's ready for today's trivia question? For a chance to win one (1) of five (5) awesome prizes, simply answer the following question:

What is the average loan repayment amount for CPP participants?

The first five people to respond (correctly) to today's NCMS Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review Trivia Question will win a special gift from the NCMS!

Winners announced Friday, February 3.

Good luck!

P.S.: THANK YOU to everyone who responded to yesterday's trivia question! We LOVE when our members are engaged!

Is Your Practice Receiving State Funds for Care? Connect to NC HealthConnex


The mandate to connect to the state-designated health information exchange, NC HealthConnex, required that those receiving state funds for care, such as Medicaid and the State Health Plan, initiate their connection by January 1, 2023.

While the law regarding this connection mandate is complex, the following will provide some clarification:

  • Signing a participation agreement demonstrates a good-faith effort to meet the connection mandate.
  • Once you have an executed agreement, meaning that both your practice and the NC HIEA have signed, you are placed in the onboarding queue where your organization will wait for an invitation to begin your technical connection.
  • Actively engaging in the onboarding process with your technical vendor and the NC HIEA also demonstrates a good-faith effort to meet the connection mandate.

At this time, thousands of provider organizations are in various stages to complete their connection.

You're encouraged to begin training while they are in the onboarding queue. Various training materials such as webinars, user guides, and self-paced modules are on the NC HIEA website. You can also request training for your practice using this form.

If you would like more information, reach out to the provider relations team at [email protected] or give them a call at 919-754-6912. You can also view the connection deadline FAQs.

A report of which health care organizations have or have not connected to NC HealthConnex will be submitted to the N.C. General Assembly this legislative session.

Happy Birthday to These Members Celebrating This Month!


Grab your party hats and noise makers and Let's Celebrate!


Mustafa M. Abugideiri, MD
Elizabeth Acquista, MD
Amer Adam, MD
J. Wellington Adams, MD
Satish P. Adawadkar, MD
Ira N. Adler, MD
Deborah G. Agisim, MD
Sukaina Ahmad, MD
Farhan Ahmed, MD
Richard E. Akers, Jr., MD
Shereen A. Alavian, MD
David R. Allen, Jr., MD
John G. Alley, Jr., MD
Eric D. Alpert, MD
Michael K. Altenburg, MD
Fabian E. Alzamora, MD
David A. Ames, MD
William D. Andersen, MD
Kent T. Anderson, MD
Mark W. Anderson, MD
Micaela D. Antzoulatos, PA-C
Howard L. Armistead, Jr., MD
Don M. Armstrong, MD, FACOG
David Arthur Aguilar, MD
Moogali M. Arvind, MD
Behnam Asgharian, MD
Erhan C. Atasoy, MD
George L. Auman, MD
H. Vann Austin, MD
Maria Lourdes C. Austria, MD
Anthony F. Azzi, MD
Carter S. Bagley, MD
Elizabeth R. Bagsby, MD
Khosrow Bahrani, MD
Patrick L. Ballen, MD
Cynthia A. Ballenger, MD
Cecilia W. Banga, DO
Graham A. Barden, III, MD, FAAP
Kelly L. Barham, MD
Kelsey J. Barr, MD
Thaddeus J. Barringer, Jr., MD
Michael J. Bartiss, MD
Sarah E. Bedard, PA-C
Mary E. H. Belet, PA
Eugene D. Bell, III, MD
John M. Benbow, MD
Carl W. Berk, MD
Michael B. Berry, MD
Todd M. Beste, MD, FACOG
Michael A. Biggerstaff, MD
Jack S. Billings, MD
Douglas W. Bitzer, PA-C
Justin C. Black, MD
James R. Boatright, MD
Barry H. Bodie, MD
Douglas L. Boertje, MD, FAAP
Terrence D. Bogard, MD
Katherine E. Bogart, PA
Christina M. Bowen, MD
Stephen L. Bower, MD
Stephen E. Boyce, MD, FACS
Raymond J. Bradley, Jr., MD
Michael E. Brame, MD
Alex G. Brann, PA-C
Simon David Braun, MD
Vaughn G. Braxton, MD
Mark S. Brazinski, MD
Kelly B. Bridgeman, MD, FAAP
Michael S. Broder, MD
Dora M. Brodie, MD
Patrick A. Brooks, MD
Mark S. Brown, MD, FACS
Susan B. Brown, MD
John H. Bumgarner, MD
Craig N. Burkhart, MD
Paul L. Burroughs, Jr., MD
Sean P. Bush, MD
William E. Byrd, MD
Jack R. Cahn, MD
Taylor W. Callahan, PA-C
James A. Campbell, MD
Rebecca S. Carlin, MD
Lindsay A. Carnes, PA-C
Lisa M. Carroll, MD
Ralph E. Carter, III, MD
Michael C. Casciello, MD
Sarah H. Cash, MD
Caroline F. Chamberlain, PA-C
Paul S. Chang, MD
Leon D. Charkoudian, MD
Samuel J. Chewning, Jr., MD, MBA
Vernon S. Chiu, MD
Jennifer H. Christenbury, PA-C
C. Franklin Church, MD
Adriana I. Cline, MD
Kenneth K. Cloninger, MD
Brian S. Coan, MD
G. Glenn Coates, MD
Alexandra V. Cobo, PA-C
Samuel B. Collins, MD
L. Gregg Colvin, MD
Jason T. Combs, MD
Kellie S. Condra, MD
Neil A. Conti, MD
Orlando Conty, MD
David H. Cook, MD
Jeffrey J. Cook, MD
William C. Corbett, MD
Evan S. Corey, MD
William M. Cottrell, MD
Christopher T. Coughlin, MD
Mark M. Couture, MD
Christopher K. Craig, PA-C
Gary P. Cram, Jr., MD
William F. Credle, Jr., MD
E. Brown Crosby, MD
Kenneth Crosby, Jr., MD
David B. Crosland, MD
Cesar P. Cube, MD
Michael J. Cullura, DO
James L. Cummings, MD
Richard E. Cummings, MD
Richard C. D'Alonzo, MD
Manish N. Damani, MD
Louis B. Daniel, Jr., MD
Evan F. Dapo, PA-C
Kimberly A. Darlington, PA-C
Harlan B. Daubert, MD
Robert N. Davis, MD
German D. De Joya, MD
Joseph M. DeBord, MD
Adrian Deese, MD
David Defeo, MD
Stephen D. DeMeo, DO
Andrew C. Demmert, MD
Dawn E. DeNeef, MD, FACS
Christopher M. DeRienzo, MD, MPP
Lindsey M. Deschamps, MD
W. Roger Domby, MD
Andrew J. Doorey, MD
Kristen M. Dorsey, MD
W. Rodwell Drake, Jr., MD
Matthew J. Duggan, MD
Jack N. Dunn, MD
Elizabeth A. Eagle, MD
Wesley S. Eagle, PA-C
Demetri M. Economedes, DO
Tally H. Eddings, III, MD
David B. Eddleman, MD
Brian E. Edwards, MD
R. Elizabeth Edwards, PA-C
Howard J. Eisenson, MD
Laura T. Ekka, MD
Luke A. Elliott, MD
Daniel W. Entrikin, MD
Jonathan M. Epperson, MD
Shanti P. Eranti, MD
Stephen D. Ertischek, MD, FACP
John A. Fagg, MD
Peter A. Fenn, PA-C
E. Carl Fisher, Sr., MD
Timothy S. Fitzgerald, PA-C
Keri A. Fitzsimmons, MD
George E. Fleming, MD
Damon A. Forbes, MD
Charles W. Ford, Jr., MD
Chad M. Fortun, MD
Sharon M. Foster, MD, FAAP
William B. Fowler, MD
Douglas G. Freeman, Jr., MD
Keisha L. French, MD
Amanda M. Froment, MD
Mark K. Fromke, MD
Sam R. Fulp, MD
Parker M. Gaddy, MD
Angela B. Gantt, MD, FACOG
Idalina Garcia-Hruby, MD
Alyssa W. George, MD
Nizar M. Ghuneim, MD
Hannah M. Gilbert Brame, PA-C
Jordan M. Glaser, MD
Lauren D. Golding, MD
Donald B. Goodman, Jr., MD
John P. Goodson, MD
Karyn B. Gordon, MD
Hugh J. Grant, Jr., MD
Benjamin T. Gravatt, MD
Gretchen E. Green, MD
Robert L. Green, MD
Paul R. Greenlaw, MD
Kyle F. Grimaldi, MD
Matthew M. Grove, DO
Joseph Guarino, MD, MPH, FACOEM
G. Patrick Guiteras, MD
James C. Gunnells, MD
Rachel H. Hagler, MD
C. Michael Hahn, MD
W. Dana Haithcock, Jr., MD
Brent D. Hall, MD
Jennifer J. Hall, MD
Nady Hamid, MD
P. J. Hamilton-Gaertner, MD, MHA
Michael G. Hankewycz, MD
Mark A. Hansman, MD
Norris B. Harbold, Jr., MD
Rita A. Harbury, PA-C
C. Blair Harkness, MD
James S. Harrington, MD
Allan B. Harvin, MD
Elizabeth H. Hawes, PA-C
Rodney J. Hawk, MD
William L. Haynes, MD
Gary H. Heck, DO
Joseph R. Hedgpeth, MD
Hughes M. Helm, MD
Robert C. Helms, MD, FAAP
William C. Helton, MD
Katherine A. Hemby, MD
David F. Henderson, PA-C
Nancy S. Henley, MD, FACP
Lloyd A. Hey, MD, MS
John M. Hicks, MD
Tammy L. Hilbert, MD
James R. Hodges, MD
Katrina J. Hodgkins, PA-C
Jeremy J. Hoff, DO
James R. Hoffman, DO
Rachael B. Hollifield, DO
James P. Hooten, Jr., MD
Heather M. Hopper, PA-C
Andrew R. Hordes, MD
Fatima Hossain, MD
Mahmood H. Hosseinian, MD
William A. Hough, III, MD
John D. Howard, MD
Joshua R. Howell, MD
G. V. Huffmon, III, MD, FACS
James D. Hundley, MD
Dori L. Hunt, MD
Sarah O. Hunt, MD, FAAP
Gary J. Hunter, DO
Joe P. Hurt, MD, PhD
J. Mark Hylton, Jr., MD
Jennifer A. Ingersoll, MD
Peter L. Jacobson, MD, FAAN
Astrid G. Jain, MD
W. Bryan Jennings, DO
Grace M. Jere, MD
Edward W. Jernigan, III, MD
Liangyong Jiang, MD
Nneka T. Jimoh, MD
Albin W. Johnson, MD
Gregory J. Johnson, MD
James C. Johnson, MD
Lynn R. Johnson, MD
Randall D. Johnson, MD
Sara G. Johnston, PA-C
Jerry D. Joines, MD
Jamande A. Jones, MD, MS
Jason D. Jones, MD
Perrin W. Jones, MD
Timothy D. Jordan, MD
Michael Josilevich, MD
Raymond E. Joyner, MD
Ki S. Jung, MD
Robert H. Kahn, MD
Charlotte K. Karriker, MD
Alison S. Kavanaugh, MD
Arthur E. Kelley, MD
R. David Kemp, MD
Scott A. Kendrick, MD
Zachary J. Kimball, MD
Kevin Z. Kinlaw, MD
Jennifer Kipp
Hayden P. Kirby, MD
Megan D. Kirk, MD
Nathan R. Knapp, MD
Mary Faison G. Knox, MD
Dibas Koirala, MD
Keith R. Kooken, MD
Aaron C. Kopp, PA-C
Labkhand Kossari, MD
Edward W. Kouri, MD
David A. Kovach, II, MD
Harald H. Kowa, MD, FAAP
Eric M. Kraus, MD, MS
Larry L. Kroll, MD
S. Richard Kruse, MD
Anirudha P. Kulkarni, DO
Archana Kumar, MD
William A. Kutner, Jr., MD
Patrick W. Laber, MD
Leta Sue C. Lamb, MD
William A. Lambeth, III, MD
Philip O. Lamptey, MD
Ronald W. Lane, MD
Stephen N. Lang, MD
Grainger S. Lanneau, MD
Kurt K. Lark, MD
Marzena T. Laszewski, MD
Lindsay R. Lavin, MD
William W. Lawrence, Jr., MD
Daniel A. Leach, MD
Il S. Lee, MD
W. Hampton Lefler, Jr., MD
Aaron P. Leininger, MD
Anthony P. Leonard, MD
Kathleen C. Leone, MD
Jason M. Licht, PA
Arthur J. Lim, MD
Meredith S. Linger, PA
Scott W. Lisson, MD, FACS
Bryan J. Loeffler, MD
Kevin J. Logel, MD
R. E. Lombard, MD
Alexandra G. Lorentsen, MD
Katie Lowry, MD, MPH
Yuan Lu, MD
Brittany D. Macon-Davis, PA-C
Jonathan A. Malin, MD
Erik A. Manring, MD
Arie Mantin, MD
Monica A. Manzi, PA-C
Kenneth C. Marburg, MD
Patrick S. Markwalter, MD
William T. Mason, MD
Carolyn H. Maynor, MD
Daniel E. McBrayer, Jr., MD
Benjamin W. McClintock, MD
Diana C. McClinton, MD
Mark W. McClure, MD, FACS
Shannon M. McCrann, DO
Brooks W. McCuen, II, MD
David L. McCullough, MD
Leah H. McGuire, PA-C
Christina S. McOwen, PA-C
Megan S. Melendez, PA-C
Thomas E. Melin, MD
Douglas F. Messina, MD
Catherine D. Metheney, MD
Kathleen L. Meyer, PA
David C. Miller, MD
Horace W. M. Miller, IV, MD
Howard E. Miller, MD
James T. Mills, Jr., MD
Thomas H. Milner, III, MD
William W. Mims, III, MD
Challie A. Minton, MD
Robert C. Moffatt, MD
Mohamed K. Mohamed, MD
Babak Mokari, DO
William G. Moorefield, Jr., MD
Edgar S. Moser, Jr., MD
Erinn M. Murphy, DO
Ellis F. Muther, MD
Angela N. Nash, PA-C
Morgane E. Naveau, MD
J. Gregory Nelson, MD
Jessica E. Newman, PA-C
Leon B. Newman, MD
Mai Trang L. Nguyen, MD
Michael A. Nichols, MD, PhD
Jerry D. Nix, MD, FACEP
John R. Nixon, MD
Thomas L. O'Connell, MD
Christopher W. Olcott, MD
Dale W. Oller, MD
Marci L. Olsen, PA-C
Jacob A. Orbock, MD
Sarah R. Orlousky, MD
T. Lane Ormand, MD
Nahla A. M. Osman, MD
Michael R. Ott, MD
Robert A. Ottaviani, MD
Dawn P. Owens-Watterson, DO
Sarah E. Owrey, MD
A. T. Pagter, Jr., MD
Frederick V. Palmquist, MD
Gupta Pandarinath, MD
Steven T. Pantelakos, MD
Young K. Park, MD
Anand R. Patel, MD
Jayesh K. Patel, MD, FACC
Nilesh P. Patel, MD
Nirali M. Patel, MD
Shiv S. Patel, MD
David R. Patterson, MD
James B. Patterson, MD
Joseph R. Payne, MD
E. Louis Peak, MD
Thomas E. Pendergrast, MD
A. Thomas Perkins, IV, MD, PhD
Randy A. Peters, MD
Kirk A. Philpot, MD
Maria E. Picton, MD
Isadore M. Pike, MD
Steven R. Plunkett, MD
William G. Porter, MD
James M. Potts, MD
Josie D. Prabhakar, PA-C
M. Canaan Prater, DO
Philip A. Price, PA-C
Jeffrey Probst, PA-C
William R. Purcell, MD
Joseph P. Pye, MD
Megan E. Quigg, PA
Rachel E. Raab, MD
Evelyn A. Rabindran, MD
Wanda L. Radford, MD
Gary T. Raflo, MD
Sonya C. D. Randazzo, MD
Ashley R. Rawls, PA-C
Lawrence W. Raymond, MD, FACP, FACOEM
Eileen M. Raynor, MD, FACS, FAAP
Kelli A. Reardon, MD
Lynn M. Rebello, MD
William C. Rice, MD
Kenneth J. Rich, MD
James J. Richard, PA
Robert D. Richards, MD
Jill R. Roberson, MD
Tia L. Robertson, MD
Stefanie M. Robinson, MD
David A. Rockwell, MD
Danielle M. Rose, MD
Eric R. Rosenberg, MD
Shepherd F. Rosenblum, MD
Charles E. Rowe, Jr., MD
Pinakpani Roy, MD
John Rubino, MD
Alfred J. Rufty, Jr., MD
Samuel B. Ryburn, MD
Smita N. Sampat, MD
Fernando A. Sanchez-Brugal, MD
Shiraz M. Sandhu, DO
Melanie B. Sanford, MD
Shireesha Sangineni, MD
Rujuta T. Saraiya, MD
Wade H. Saunders, III, MD
Kenneth J. Sauve, MD
Dawson E. Scarborough, MD
Kerri R. Scherer, MD
Thomas M. Schmelzer, MD
Derek Q. Schroder, MD, FACP
Beth A. Schulz-Butulis, DO
Christopher J. Schwarz, MD
Fred A. Scialabba, MD
Stephen S. Scott, MD
Whitney V. Scott, MD
John M. Seddon, MD
John Aldus Alexander Seldomridge, MD
Frank B. Sellers, MD
Linda C. Selsor, MD
Pierre S. Selwane, MD
Joshua P. Sesek, MD
Daniel P. Seward, MD
Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD, FACS
Kerry M. Shafran, MD
Christopher N. Shatley, PA-C
Michael P. Shea, MD
Lisa P. Shock, DrPH, PA-C, MHS
Douglas J. Shusterman, MD
Tiffany M. Sills, MD
Lawrence R. Singer, MD
Maggie L. Small, PA-C, MHS
Timothy H. Smelzer, MD
Brian S. Smith, MD
Julian K. Smith, PA-C
Mark D. Smith, II, MD, FACS
Melissa M. Smith, MD
Michael K. Smith, MD
Patricia W. Smith, MD
Amy H. Sobel, MD
Anna Melissa Solum, MD
Lewis C. Sommerville, III, MD
Krichna F. Sowles, MD
Kevin M. Spangler, MD, PhD
John M. Spargo, MD
Jeffrey D. Sparks, MD
Nathaniel L. Sparrow, MD
Steven C. Spruill, MD
Jeffrey D. Stanczak, MD
Richard R. Stark, MD
Peter M. Stein, MD
Michael J. Steiner, MD
Holly A. Stevens, MD, FACOG
James A. Stevens, Jr., MD
Jeremy R. Stinson, PA-C
Scott C. Stoioff, MD
Lauretta G. Stombaugh, DO
Woodhall Stopford, MD, MPH
Ananta Subedi, MD
Brittany A. Sugimoto, PA-C
Ernest O. Sutton, III, MD
Thomas M. Swantkowski, MD, AGAF, FACG
Jonas J. Swartz, MD
Brian T. Szura, MD
Karen D. Szymanski, DO
Munther S. Tabet, MD
Julia W. Tang, MD
Charles S. Tara, MD
Gregory J. Taraska, MD
Anna Greta B. Taylor, MD
Robert D. Teasdall, MD
Robert K. Thacker, MD
Thomas E. Thielen, MD
Alan E. Thomas, MD
C. Aaron Thompson, MD
Marilu Thordsen-Velez, MD
Richard W. C. Tim, MD
Kathryn S. Timberlake, MD
Kenneth G. Tomberlin, MD
Andres H. Torop, MD
Nancy J. Toy, MD
Nicholas A. True, MD
John T. Tseng, MD
Harrison G. Tuttle, MD
Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, MD
Lionel Van Der Westhuizen, MD
Jaime J. Vanourny, MD
Jill S. Vargo, MD
Mihaela A. Vatca, MD
Wayne B. Venters, MD
Thomas T. Vradelis, MD, FACOG
Tomas Vybiral, MD
Jason A. Walker, MD
Antoinette W. Wall, MD
Bobby C. Walters, Jr., MD
W. Alan Ward, MD
L. Patrick Warren, Jr., MD
Sean M. Warsch, MD
H. Gene Washburn, MD
Michael C. Watson, Jr., MD
Peter R. Watson, MD
Shannon A. Watterson, PA-C
John C. Watts, III, MD
David A. Weatherford, MD, FACS
Michael D. Weaver, MD
Martin W. Webb, MD
Richard A. Weintraub, MD, FACP
Gregory M. Weiss, MD
Andrew H. Wells, MD
Susan M. West, MD
Carl J. Westcott, MD
Melissa K. Wester, MD
Trent W. Wester, MD
Kenneth S. White, MD
Edward W. Whitesides, MD
Daniel Whitley, Jr., MD
Judson B. Williams, MD
Michael L. Williford, MD
Danielle L. S. Willis, PA-C
Jason A. Wilson, MD
Gabriel B. Winberry, MD
Nancy C. Winker, MD
James E. Winslow, MD
James W. Winslow, MD
Kenneth H. Winter, MD
Joel A. Wissing, MD
Peter H. Wittenberg, MD
Brian S. Wood, PA-C
Kully L. Woodruff, MD
Julie C. Woodside, MD
Vanessa S. Workman, MD
David K. Wright, MD
Genevieve A. Wroblewski, MD
Che-Ming Yang, MD
Joylyn D. Yeazell, MD
Billie T. W. Yi, PA-C
Terri L. Zacco, DO
Peter A. Zeman, MD
Chunyue Zhang, MD
Li Zhou, MD
Shams Zia, MD
James H. Zuger, MD
Charles S. Zwerling, MD


Interested in an NCMS Leadership Role? Nominations are Now Open!


The NCMS Nominating and Leadership Development Committee submits a call for nominations for individuals to serve on the following: NCMS Board of Directors, NC American Medical Association Delegation, and Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.

Get the details and learn more about the nomination process here.

For more information or questions about the nominating process, please contact Evan Simmons at [email protected]

Nominations are due by May 12, 2023

Have You Read Your NCMS Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review? We Sure Hope So. Prizes Are On The Line!

It's NCMS Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review Trivia Time!


We sure hope you've read your NCMS Bulletin! Why? Because you could win an awesome prize simply by answering the following question:

What is the age of our youngest member?

The first five people to respond to today's NCMS Bulletin: 2022 Year in Review Trivia Question will win a special gift from the NCMS!

Good luck!

We Need You! Become a Key Contact for NCMS.


Do you have a relationship with an elected official or want to grow your involvement in NCMS’s advocacy efforts? Become a Key Contact!

Key Contacts are subject matter experts who will champion for every physician, physician assistant, and patient in North Carolina. The relationships they build with State and Federal legislators are vital for continuing the advocacy success of the North Carolina Medical Society.

In order for NCMS to have effective advocacy, we need each of you to sign up to become a Key Contact now!