Today marks the 100th day the North Carolina Legislature has been in session this year with no clear end in sight. The continuing resolution passed at the beginning of July to keep the government running absent a new state budget is set to expire on August 14.  With no progress in resolving major differences between the House and Senate on issues like Medicaid reform, that deadline seems more and more unlikely to be met.
Lawmakers are in Raleigh and doctors who are interested in coming to visit them to discuss Medicaid or other issues of importance to your practice are encouraged to arrange a time. Because of the demand, we’ve expanded our White Coat Wednesday program to other days of the week to accommodate your busy schedule. Please visit to learn more about how you can get involved at this key time.
In our effort to keep you apprised of what is going on at the General Assembly, our Director of Legislative Relations Chip Baggett, has been posting his “Bowtie Briefing” videos each Friday reviewing what happened in the past week and looking ahead to what lies ahead. Watch the last two briefings:

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